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Bell, Safran claim top honours in Vertical's 2020 Survey - 30/06/2020

Announced 30 June 2020, the results of Vertical's 2020 Helicopter and Engine Manufacturers Survey was in, and we are proud to reveal Bell and Safran Helicopter Engines are leading the industry in customer support.

More than 1,200 members of the helicopter industry took part in Vertical's sixth annual survey, evaluating helicopter original equipment and manufacturers (OEMs) on a wide range of measures relating to customer satisfaction. Bell ranked first across nearly all measures of the survey among helicopter OEMs. Similarly, Safran had a strong showing on the engine side. 

Bell and Safran also ranked first among OEMs for their handling of the COVID-19 crisis which was evaluated separately in this year's survey.

''We had an incredible response to our survey this year, especially given the hardships we're all facing due to COVID-19.'' stated by Vertical's publisher Mike Reyno. ''We're grateful to everyone who took the time to share their feedback, and to the OEMs for listening and responding to our reader's concerns. Now more than ever, we believe that open communication will be critical for moving the industry forward.''

We would like to convey a special thank you to everyone, this would not have been possible without the support we have received.

Let's keep flying above and beyond.


Bell, Safran claim top honours in Vertical's 2020 Survey - By Helix AV