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Bell Celebrates 60 Bell 505 Deliveries in Europe - 20/04/2021

Bell completed its 60th 505 European delivery to Montenegro Air Force.

Bell Textron announced the delivery of another Bell 505 to the Montenegro Air Force, making it the 60th Bell 505 aircraft in Europe.

''Delivering 60 505s to Europe is an exciting milestone for Bell,'' said Patrick Moulay, Senior Vice President, International Business. ''This achievement is a testament to the performance of the Bell 505 and our customers' confidence in the aircraft. Beyond success of the Bell 505 in Europe, we see momentum in demand for the aircraft across international markets. We look forward to seeing more growth in the future.''

The Bell 505 is known for its versatility and reliability. The platform has broad appeal and operates in a wide range of missions such as private owner, utility, aerial inspections, public safety, military training, and tourism. In 2020, Bell delivered more 505 aircrafts to Europe than to any other continent - some of the customers include: ABR Invest, Elicompany, Montenegro Air Force, Centaurium Aviation, and Mountain Flyers. 

Bell's European customers continue to share their favourable thoughts on the dynamic aircraft:

  • ''With the 505, sightseeing passengers fit nicely and enjoy great front and side visibility. The passengers will have much more comfort and better views for the money they're paying,'' said Christoph Graf, Pilot & CEO, Mountainflyers.
  • ''The Bell 505 is one of the most modern helicopters that to recently enter the commercial market, and we know we made a great decision. With a small country and small military force, the key is modernisation. Working with Bell, we believe that the helicopters are of high quality, and this gives us security knowing they allow us to complete the missions,'' said Predrag Soskovic, now former Minister of Defence, Montenegro Air Force.
  • ''When I look at the Bell 505, it doesn't look like other Bell products, but once you get in and start flying, you know right away it was designed by Bell. It's a simple, light weight aircraft, but it has ruggedness and reliability of a Bell product. You can count on it'' said Cristian Forgheiri, Co-Owner & Flight Operations Director, Elicompany.

Bell supports European customers regionally by delivering aircraft out of our Bell support centre in Prague, supplying parts out of the Bell Supply Centre in Amsterdam and offering Bell 505 training through HeliDeal in France. Our teams look forward to increasing the number of Bell aircraft in the region and expanding our European footprint. 


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Credit: Bell Celebrates 60 Bell 505 Deliveries in Europe

Bell Celebrates 60 Bell 505 Deliveries in Europe - By Helix AV