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Part 145 Overhaul Shop and Maintenance

Helix Av is a CAA Approved Part 145 Component Overhaul Facility on the Bell 206 range, and a UK CAA Part CAO maintenance company, at our fully equipped hangar based at Manston Airport, Kent.

Part 145 CAA Approval Certificate

Helix currently maintains a fleet of Bell Jet Rangers, Long Rangers, Bell 505's and the Bell 407. We offer service maintenance, repair, and all aspects of component overhaul on the Bell AB206 series.

Current approvals for the Overhaul Shop cover: -

  • Main Rotor Drive Train to include Main Drive Shaft
  • Head O/H, Part Life Inspection and replacement of parts
  • Mast O/H and Part Life Inspections
  • Tail Rotor Hubs
  • Swashplate Repair, Replacement, O/H
  • Main Transmission Part Life O/H
  • Freewheel Unit O/H – Clutch Change Part Life
  • Rotor Brakes O/H
  • Tail Rotor Gearbox Part Life O/H
  • Oil cooler fan assy, Tail Rotor Drive Shaft both long and segmented
  • Tail Rotor Blade bearing replacement
  • Main Transmission "A" frames and Transmission deck attachment fittings
  • Various Flight Control repairs such as rod end and bearing replacements,
  • Other various components

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Capabilities include components Part Life Inspection, Repair, and Overhaul.

Overhauls include removal, disassembly, inspection parts replacement, reassembly, and reinstallation of Bell Components.

The lead engineer in our overhaul Shop is Bob Cutten, who many of you will know, Bob is widely regarded as the best in the business. Our overhaul specialist team has years of extensive knowledge and experience in helicopter components.


Request of booking components and progress reporting, please contact debbie@helx.co.uk or phone +44 330 223 0691